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Built-ins – Exotic Veneer – Furniture

Resonant woods does them all.  We design and build for all areas of the home.  Kitchen, bedroom, dining room, living room, or any other room your home may have.  Designs are not limited to wood, with in-house mechanical and electrical design talent, designs are only as limited as your imagination.  Actually, you don’t need to have the imagination, we can supply that, all you need to do is provide is an idea of what you would like to have built.  Pictures below provide a glimpse of what is possible.  Please contact us to let us know what we may do for you.

 Built-ins HUTCH resize


Built-ins are a great way to increase resale value and functionality into a home.  Most built-ins are made to blend into the environment, and are typically not statement pieces.  The hutch to the left is built into a load bearing wall, allowing a deep cabinet with minimum room interference.  Bookcases are always a welcome addition to a home.  However, what most are not aware of is that  books are wonderful at absorbing and diffusing sound.  Bookcases make all rooms more livable, from the play room to the theater.


Veneer allows the use of exotic woods to provide a unique and beautiful face to your furniture.  Pictured is an older piece, that shows the use of figured maple.  Doors are bookmatched with the sap (outside of the tree) on the inside, leaving the heartwood to the outside to provide contrast.




 KALEID resize

Yes, we even produce kaleidoscopes!  This pair, though simple, use all talents in the shop.  The barrels are bloodwood and wenge, the eye piece is turned brass(in house of course), and even the stained glass spinners were designed and produced in house.